Tree Climbing Championship

Thank you to all of the competitors, volunteers, and sponsors

that made all of our Penn-Del Chapter TCC's a success over the years.


Congratulations to the winners of our Master's Challenge.

Jake Riggs

Rachel Brudzinski

They will go on to represent the Penn-Del Chapter at the

2022 International Tree Climbing Competition in Sweden



Results of the 2019 Penn-Del TCC:

2019 Event Winners Mens.pdf

2019 Event Winners Womens.pdf

2019 Score Spreadsheet Mens.pdf

2019 Score Spreadsheet Womens.pdf

2019 Masters Challenge Scores.pdf



Rob Kruljac (Penn-Del ISA President) and Arch Autenreith (Board of Directors)

also competed in the 2019 competition.





Results of the 2018 Penn-Del Master's Challenge:

2018 May 2019 Masters Scorebook Boalsburg.pdf



Results of the 2018 Penn-Del TCC:

2018 Scorebook Boalsburg - Overall.pdf

2018 Scorebook Boalsburg - Aerial.pdf

2018 Scorebook Boalsburg - Ascent.pdf

2018 Scorebook Boalsburg - Belayed Speed.pdf

2018 Scorebook Boalsburg - Throwline.pdf

2018 Scorebook Boalsburg - Work Climb.pdf

2018 Scorebook Boalsburg - Women's Preliminary.pdf

2018 Scorebook Boalsburg - Men's Preliminary.pdf





Results of the 2017 Penn-Del TCC

Preliminary Scores